About Us

Energetic, Enthusiastic & Passionate

We are a fairly small, flexible creative team that provides services to enterprises around the globe. We help companies plan, build and amplify their business stories with authenticity and consistency across every channel so it resonates with their audience, and also making sure that all their business needs are met. As a registered brand, SunProof Designs’ major focus is to help businesses to work flexibly with their clients and understand their customers so they can build stronger, trusted connections with their customers in order to to fulfil their business needs. We build from scratch to the apex in order to combat all challenges our clients may face online.

SunProof Designs is based in Accra, Ghana, and was started to bring insight to the world of technology and skillfully build brands online.


"Morrez Fashion Academy needed a professional website developer for our school and SunProof Designs came to our aid. No questions about their work. Good Customer Care!"
Daniel Morrison Morrez
CEO, Morrez Fashion Academy
"I am very pleased with SunProof Designs. They have been the best web developer I've ever witnessed. Thumbs up to their web designs, work ethics and customer relations. I will encourage everyone to call on them for their services."
Daniel Morton-Bruce
Professional Nurse & Blogger
"For someone who wants nothing but the best for my company, I doubted the competence of SunProof to deliver that world standard I required. However, a part of me was hoping for a surprise and believe you me, I was astonished by his delivery. I immediately made him my IT / internet / computer manager and after a year I am happy with my decision. He is a talented young man."
Barnabas W Kambonga
Chairman, Tilao Group.


Legendary Support

We have a 24/7 support system, also we have one of the best customer services ever. Do you know the best part? We offer our support to help in minor damages anytime a client calls on us for FREE!